Announcing the ZenGo Card with Visa, a better way to pay

ZenGo’s mission is to make crypto accessible and usable to anyone, anywhere in the world. This mission can only be achieved with an elegant and simple way to control and spend your digital assets in real life. 

Today we are announcing a project that is a significant step in that direction. ZenGo is joining Visa Fast track program and will develop a crypto payment card. The card will launch in the USA at first, before expanding to more locations.

We know. This won’t be the first crypto payment card in the market. But our goal was never about being the first (we were far from the first crypto wallet). Our goal is to set a new standard. And that’s exactly what our card is all about. ZenGo’s credit card will be the first card tied to a self-hosted, on-chain, multi-currency wallet where funds are controlled by the user. 

The details will soon be revealed, and we already have a waiting list you can join to be notified. Of course, you will need a ZenGo wallet to apply for such a card. With the ZenGo Visa card, you will be able to spend your funds anywhere in the world) online and offline (as long as Visa is accepted).  Even to pay for your coffee 🙂

The crypto-industry had reached a new stage – one in which use cases for crypto go way beyond simply storing wealth and trading assets for the sake of trading. People want to be able to spend crypto. We know it and see it on a daily basis. Our customers tell us that they want to be able to connect the digital world to the “real” world. They want us to help them blur further the lines between old and new finance.

Crypto-currencies are no longer just about speculation. Finally, crypto is ready to go beyond trading, and you can now move your funds in and out of crypto, seamlessly. 

The rise of stable coins, failing economies, fragile national currencies, and the outcomes of the COVID crisis have made the need for an alternative, spendable currency a true necessity. This is the time our industry had been waiting for. This is why we built ZenGo.

We are very excited to have the opportunity to work on such a service with VISA. We thank their team for their trust and cannot wait to bring this card to the market.

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You can find our joint press-release here.

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